De Zuivelarij was founded in 2014. Initially the intention was small-scale production of some dairy products from local milk. The first product, Berloumi, was quickly picked up by well-known cheese and food shops and afterwards by the Belgian wholesalers. We also got a lot of press interest.

In 2016 The Zuivelarij BVBA was founded. We invested in a production line to be able to produce Berloumi more easily and more ecologically. At the same time, we remain true to the original idea of producing different dairy products from different local farmers. Now, there are also Vivie, ricotta of Berloumi, Berloumibio and labneh. All of them with milk from other farmers. We specialize in non-current, worldly dairy products that preferably have strong culinary applications.

Nowadays, Berloumi is found in about 500 food shops all over Belgium and at the retailers Okay, Spar, colruyt and Delhaize. Labneh is distributed by Delhaize and specialty stores.

In De Zuivelarij we are still working small-scale and traditionally, with local and often organic products.

But we are also fascinated by innovation, food safety and creativity. It is the reason why we want to continue growing.

In the coming years, we want to invest in new technology and appliances, develop new products and make further ecological investments.

Because in development and progress lies the true craft.

In 2019 The Zuivelarij got the HIB-label (Handmade in Belgium), and won the award of HIB-company of the year in East-Flanders. We did not win the national award but we still loved this beautiful video.

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