De Zuivelarij has been a cheese dairy in Flanders since 2014. In the beginning, we had the intention to make dairy on a small scale, as a hobby, with milk from local farmers. But our Berloumi grilling cheese quickly became successful, which allowed us to grow. Since then, we specialize in creative, non-current, worldly dairy products. Often with culinary applications. Our hobby quickly grew into a thriving, local business.

Each product we make with the milk from one unique farm. This is our idea of shortening the chain and strengthening the bond between farmers, producers and consumers. Our farmers receive a fair price and, together with us, find it important to work ecologically.

Our cheeses can be found in a lot of local food shops all over Belgium and at retailers such as Okay, Spar, Colruyt, Jumbo, Albert Heijn and Delhaize. Be sure to take a look at our product pages with more information about all our products. We’ll learn you more about our production methods, give you different delicious recipes and a unique look into our company.

  • Berloumi, Belgian halloumi

In the coming years we would like to grow further in order to be able to invest in new technology and professionalization. We are also fully engaged in the development of new delicious products tailored to our customers and continue to work on an production that is as ecological as possible. In the future we want to remain the most important Belgian halloumi producer and in the meantime we are looking beyond the borders.

But we are also fascinated by innovation, food safety and creativity. That is why we want to continue to grow. Because in development and progress lies the true craft.

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