Welcome to the Zuivelarij

The Zuivelarij is a cheese factory in Berlare (Belgium) founded in 2014. Originally we wanted to make dairy on a small scale, as a hobby. We make dairy with milk from local farmers. Our first product, Berloumi, is a Belgian halloumi style grilling cheese. The better-known Belgian cheese and food shops picked up our Berloumi. Belgian wholesalers and retailers followed. Since then we have also brought viVie, Ricotta van Berloumi, BerloumiBio, Berloumi Goat and Labneh to the market. We specialize in lesser-known, Mediterranean dairy products with culinary applications. This way, our hobby grew into a thriving local company.

But we are also fascinated by innovation, food safety and creativity. It is the reason why we want to continue growing.

Our mission

In the Zuivelarij we work with local and often organic raw materials, in our case milk. In 2016 we invested in a production line to produce Berloumi halloumi and our other products more easily and ecologically. We make each product with milk from other farmers. Would you like to know more about our cooperation with local farmers? Be sure to check this page. You’ll find several interviews there.

Our vision

In the coming years we want to go on investing in new technology and appliances. But in our Zuivelarij we are also busy developing new products and we continue to work on an ecological production line. We want to be the most important Belgian halloumi producer in the future and look tentatively across the border.

Where can you find our products?

Berloumi can be found in about 500 food shops all over Belgium and at retailers such as Okay, Spar, Colruytand Delhaize. Labneh is retailed by Delhaize and specialty stores. Be sure to check out the pages with more information about all our products. We’ll tell you more about our cooking method, offer you different tasty recipes and a unique look at our company.

Because in development and progress lies the true craft.

In 2019, the Zuivelarij became Flemish HIB (Handmade in Belgium) company of the year. We may not have won nationally, but we still kept this beautiful video. Be sure to check it out!

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