The Zuivelarij is a local company, and we believe in the short chain agriculture. We believe that a strong bond between farmers, producers and consumers is important to everybody. That’s why only local farms supply the milk for our products. For every product from our Zuivelarij,we work with the milk of one specific farmer. This way we create our unique dairy products.

But to work economical and ecological , we think a farm of a certain scale is a must. So we do not believe in very small-scale on farm production, in which each farmer processes small quantities. This way we can produce our dairy in the most efficient and innovative way. Working this close with local farmers also ensures that we market our products in the most food-safe way.

Would you like to know more about our collaboration? Be sure to read the interviews below.

Annick & Koen

Farmer Koen and farmer Annick

Kristel & Stefaan

Reinhilde & Marc

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