Ricotta cake

Our ricotta cake is made with ricotta from Berloumi. Which in turn is made from the leftover cheesewhey after making Berloumi.

So our ricotta cake is actually a residual product of Berloumi production. A “delicious” residual product! And a nice source of income for our Zuivelarij. Because we actually have the basic raw material for free. In addition to our ricotta, we also use our labneh in the cheesecake. This, along with a little lemon, provides a fresh taste.

ricotta cake

Making your own ricotta cake

In our Dairy, we make the most delicious ricotta cake from the best ricotta. But you can also bake your own ricotta cake. With this recipe, your cake becomes almost as delicious as ours.

For now, you can order our ricotta cake only through our webshop. You can pick up the cake the following day in the afternoon.

Recipes with our ricotta cake

Nutritional value

Ricotta, especially the whey protein it contains, may be very healthy, yet our cake also contains quite a bit of sugar. Without sugar, cake is not cake. But at least it contains fewer calories than most other cakes. Especially since it contains less fat. So you can also eat our ricotta cake as a snack.

Nutritional value100 grams
Energy (kJ/kcal)248,5
Fats (g)
Of which saturated fatty acids (g)
Carbohydrates (g)
Of which sugars (g)
Proteins (g)7,9
Salt (g)0,4

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